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Why Goodyear Welted Shoes Are Considered the Best

One of the primary determinants of how long a shoe will last and how much it will cost is the method of construction. If you want to understand more about the construction of a shoe, it is essential to know its different components.

There are four components of the sole: the insole is the part where the foot is in contact when you wear the shoe. The outsole is on the sole’s bottom exterior, which touches the ground as you move. A welt is a strip of leather that forms the perimeter of the outsole mainly found in better-constructed shoes. It helps attach the upper to the outsole. The last is the one that gives the shoe its shape, and it is a dimensional model of a foot.

Goodyear welt is a strip of rubber, leather or plastic running along the perimeter of the pouter part of a shoe sole. The Goodyear welt construction is the process of stitching a welt to the upper part of the shoe with a strap running around the perimeter. The process is called Goodyear construction after the person who invented it in 1869.

There are four shoe construction methods, they are Cementing, Blake stitching, Strom welting and Goodyear welting. Each of them has its pros and cons.



Cementing is a speedy way of joining the shoe, and it is also the cheapest. The upper and the outsole are attached using an adhesive without any welting.

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Blake stitching

Blake stitching is a straightforward way of making shoes also called the “single stitch” method, and it is the most common one. It is an industrial process, and the parts attached make it impossible to use bare hands to stitch it.

Storm Welting

Storm welting mainly creates waterproof boots mostly for use in the snow area. The welt is put in the exterior, and the stitching holding the upper, welt, and insole is visible from the outside of the shoe. It helps prevent water from getting into the shoe.

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Goodyear Welting

Goodyear is an intensive process of making shoes and the oldest, and it creates the most durable shoes in the market. The process can either be done using a machine or by hand, and it involves several steps. You begin the process by preparing the insole for stitching. It would be best if you then created rib to run across the insole, and then you attach the insole to the last. After connecting you will need to sew through the welt, the upper and the insole and attach the welt to the outsole.

Benefits of Using Goodyear Welted Shoes

  • The stitching of the shoe is meant to give it solidity because it ensures perfect adherence of the insole, sole, welt and upper providing the shoe with solid firmness not found in the other types.
  • The shoe can also pass the durability test as the sewing method ensures the show will last for long beyond the lifespan of many shoes.
  • The space between the insole and outsole offers the kind of comfort and convenience you can expect from any other shoe type.
  •  Goodyear shoes are also designed in a distinctive way such that they curve inwards to the edge of the sole making them very special and comfortable.

Goodyear welted construction produces high-quality shoes which you can re-sole and use for many more years. Although the shoe may cost much higher than the rest, it is also worth investing in it.


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